Pet Policy

Tropic Air Charters loves furry friends!

All of our flights are pet friendly. Just a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. You can add your pet to your reservation when you book online at
  2. IMPORTANT: All animals must have current and appropriate documentation for international travel, including a microchip. Please click here for details
  3. Your pet(s) will accompany you in the cabin during you flight.
  4. We require a dog crate and/or muzzle to be handy in case it is needed.
  5. No pets are permitted to travel on Tropic Air Charters flights unaccompanied.


Fees: (each way)

  • 10 pounds or less, carried in a soft-sided type carrier (that can be held in your lap) – $25 (each way)
  • 10-35 pounds (with crate) $100 fee (space permitting only, each way)
  • Over 35 lbs: The pet will accompany you in the cabin during your flight. For our larger furry friends, we will take out a seat so that there is plenty of room for them to sit by you.
  • These fees does not apply to charter flights

Please WALK YOUR DOG prior to boarding the flight.

Click for Bahamas Pet Regulations and Information

There is a service available to simplify getting a permit. Click here for details: