On scheduled flights you need to check in no later than 60 minutes before the flight: on charter flights we prefer to have you available 30 minutes before flight time to confirm your travel documents and to ensure an on-time departure.

Scheduled flights leaving Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport(FXE) will depart from 5530 N.W. 21st Terrace #8, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 (click here for address), your charter sales representative will make arrangements for the location of your pickup and drop off FBO (or ‘Fixed Base Operator’) at the airport of your choice.

Complimentary parking is available when you arrive. We will provide you with a parking pass when you check-in.

Charter passengers can be picked up anywhere in the Bahamas or in Florida, or anywhere in the Southeast United States for that matter.
Contact your charter sales representative to find out your available options.

We recommend limiting yourself to no more than 35 pounds of luggage, and soft sided luggage is always easier to transport and load on board our aircraft.

Unfortunately, no we cannot. International aviation regulations prevent a United States air carrier from flying you inter-island; check with our charter sales representatives to see if we can make arrangements for a Bahamian air taxi to move you in between islands.

We can bring your surfboard but only under special arrangements (and additional costs) for the regularly scheduled passenger flights. Most likely it will have to be sent as cargo, but don’t worry we will take very good care of it for you. With regards to scuba equipment, we are glad to take your scuba diving equipment but the scuba tanks will have to remain behind. Be sure and leave the weights behind too and rent them when you get there!

Government regulations! Seriously, to enter and leave the country we have to provide the US customs and border protection service with very specific information regarding your identity, passport information, date of birth, etc. etc. We can’t board you on an international flight or bring you back into the country without it.

No, we do not serve food on our scheduled flights, other than bottled water. Considering that our flights are under two hours, we really have no accommodation for you to bring your own food on the flight either, other than small snacks, baby formula, or something to keep the kids busy. On customized charter flights, speak to your charter sales representative about making arrangements for in-flight catering, we will be happy to accommodate those requests.

Yes-anything that would be considered Hazardous Materials. That means that anything that may leak chemicals, that could contaminate the air, pressurized gas cylinders, or anything that would be flammable or could catch fire. If you have any questions about anything you may have in your luggage or on your person be sure and asked your airline representative if it’s safe to travel with aboard our aircraft. This is a serious matter folks, and there are severe federal penalties for violating the Hazardous Materials rules on board aircraft.

Remember, that you will have to clear Customs both in the Bahamas on your way out and in the United States on your way back, and the Customs Service on either side will more than likely look inside each and every bag you carry with you. The airline also reserves the right to look into your luggage or your personal carry-ons, with you present, as a means of ensuring the security of other passengers.

All fees and taxes are represented into the quote

Children who have not reached their second birth date may be held on a parents lap. Children can ride in a separate passenger seat, in a car seat, provided the car seat has the following notation in red lettering as part of the seat: “THIS RESTRAINT IS CERTIFIED FOR USE IN MOTOR VEHICLES AND AIRCRAFT”.

You may use any of these devices provided the ‘airplane mode’ is switched on prior to departure. This is for your safety and the safety of others. Check with your flight crew for the use of any other portable electronic device for their permission.

Yes you can, and we love pets! Be sure you are familiar with the Bahamian entry requirements as well as the US entry requirements for returning pets. We will want to see those documents prior to your boarding the flight. There will be extra fees depending on the size of your animal; be sure and check with your reservations agent with the size and type of pet and of the cage you intend to transport your animal in. All pets must travel with a carrier or muzzle. You may not be required to use it but it must be handy in the event that it is needed. No exceptions on Scheduled Flights. On charter flights, well behaved and experienced animals may be able to be transported “cage-less”. Click for pet import application to the Bahamas

The pet will accompany you in the cabin during  your flight.

No! Unfortunately, US Department of Transportation regulations preclude group charter passengers from paying separately. We must receive payment from a single payee.

We are in the service business and as in any other the recognition for outstanding service or exceptional effort is always appreciated.