How long should I arrive before departure ?

We advise our clients to arrive 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers should plan enough time to go through security, and customs if necessary.

Can I choose my flight departure time ?

Generally, private jet can take off at time requested by clients. However, some airports are not open 24/7 and additional fees may apply if passengers wish to take off or land outside of the airport normal hours of operations.

Can I travel to secondary or underserved airports ?

Flying private allows for passengers to get closer to their final destination. However, certain airports are restricted (runway length, approach) preventing specific aircraft to operate on their terrains. Additionally, weather conditions and type of airports can impact a flight and force the crew to divert to an alternate airport.

Is the price all inclusive? Is VAT included?

The quote sent by our team is all included except for specific catering request. Each company has its own VTA policy. Certain companies charge VTA on flights performed nationally. Price can vary based on the available and selected operators.

Can I fly to multiple destinations on the same day ?

It is possible to optimize your travel and make a few different stops in one day. However, crew duty time cannot be overlooked, and as an average, crews cannot be on duty for over 14 hours.

Can I travel with my pet ?

Passengers traveling with a pet should disclose the information our team: The pet must have all its required vaccination and paper ono hand and Animals travel procedures are complex and are different from one country to another.

Can I change the schedule or the itinerary of my flight ?

Business aviation’s clients can change their flight departure time or even its destination. However, depending on the aircraft’s planning, the updated time or the itinerary change, additional fees can apply.

Do I have to go through boarding formalities ?

No do not assuming that you bring a valid current passport.